Reducing Cancer Risk with Mediterranean Diet: Your Questions Answered

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You’ve surely seen plenty of headlines proclaiming the Mediterranean Diet among the healthiest ways to eat. What does the research behind these headlines mean about potential to reduce your risk of cancer? We need to step in and look more closely at these studies, and also step back to view their findings as part of the big picture on what we know about eating habits and cancer risk.

Does a Mediterranean Diet reduce cancer risk?

A growing number of studies do link a Mediterranean pattern of eating with lower cancer risk. But it’s important to emphasize that this is compared to people with low scores for “Mediterranean” eating –which usually means they have eating habits that include more meat, refined grains and sweets. These studies do not establish Mediterranean diets as more protective than other healthy ways of eating.

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    Coffee Doesn’t Need Cancer Warning

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    Updated March 30, 2018

    A Los Angeles County Superior Judge has ruled that all coffee shops and sellers in the state of California must label their product and warn their consumers about potential cancer risk from drinking coffee. This judgement follows from a lawsuit first filed in 2010, and refers to protections under California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. The judge ruled that the coffee companies failed to meet the burden of proof that coffee caused no harm.

    The justification is that acrylamide, which is found in roasted coffee beans, has been linked to cancer in rats. Relatively small amounts of acrylamide is common in many food items besides coffee. The levels that cause cancer in rats are much higher than those consumed through coffee and diet in general.

    On a “cancer worry” scale from 0 to 10, coffee should be solidly at 0 and smoking at 10; they should not have similar warning labels.

    The studies that have measured levels of acrylamide in the blood in humans, including in high coffee consumers, have shown no hint of increased cancer risk. Read more… “Coffee Doesn’t Need Cancer Warning”


      Favorite Cancer-Fighting Football Snacks

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      What time is it? GAME FOOD TIME! Football season is getting intense, and it’s the perfect time to host a party with friends (or rivals) and serve up some of our easy cancer-fighting snacks and sides.

      Turn up the heat this weekend with spicy homemade sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene and foods containing beta-carotene are linked to lower risk of esophageal cancer. Beta-carotene is better absorbed with a little fat which you’ll get from the olive oil in our recipe below.

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