Mushroom Mavens Rejoice

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Once you’ve tasted our hearty, warming Marvelous Mushroom Soup – today’s Health-e-Recipe from AICR – you’ll have proof that healthy eating can be sublime.

Mushrooms – maitakeshiitake and oyster mushrooms — are under study for possible cancer-prevention properties. But even the less-expensive white button mushrooms add lots of antioxidants, which appear to protect cells from damage that can lead to cancer.

And along with all those mushrooms, you get an aromatic helping of garlic, which is packed with its own powerful cancer-fighting phytochemicaFD002151_47ls.

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    Cancer Experts On the Decade’s Greatest Advances

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    2010TestTubeCroppedIn the latest issue of Cancer Research Update, AICR’s biweekly email newsletter on the science of cancer prevention, treatment and survival, we asked cancer researchers and educators to answer one, simple question:

    What do we know today that we didn’t know just 10 years ago?

    Their answers might surprise you – they surprised us.  Although epidemiologists, clinicians, basic researchers and health professionals differ on what they believe to be the most important achievement in the past ten years, they agreed on one thing:  It’s never been clearer that diet, physical activity and a healthy weight all play an important protective role.

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      Airport Eating Tidbits

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      You’ve packed well, maneuvered through traffic, trudged through the airport security line and now the waiting begins once again for your plane. Hungry? waiting at the airportRead this — Airport Changes Call for New Eating Strategies — where AICR Nutrition Advisor Karen Collins offers some airport eating tips that will help you stay full without adding too many calories to ruin your holiday meal.

      Read it before you pack and it might prompt you to include some fruit or a bag of nuts.

      For those of you carrying foods for gifts or feasts, according to TSA, you can bring a pie through security but jams, jellies, dips and pretty much everything else you should put in a checked bag. Here’s a list of prohibited food items from TSA.

      Happy — and healthy — travels.