Time to talk about alcohol

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I am in that phase of life where my age puts me at higher risk for breast cancer, and as the mother of two teenage daughters I am acutely aware of the lifestyle factors that affect their risk for breast and other cancers.

Alcohol is one factor that is giving me increasing cause for concern. From our own AICR research I know that there is strong evidence that alcohol is linked to six different cancers and this is supported by research from other authoritative bodies, such as American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and American Cancer Society (ACS).

This in itself is worrying, but what is truly alarming is the perilous rising trend in alcohol consumption and the dangers of binge drinking. This, coupled with a lack of awareness about the alcohol cancer link – over 60% of Americans in our survey were unaware – and the belief that moderate drinking may protect against heart disease – is like a ticking time bomb. Read more… “Time to talk about alcohol”


    Puppies and Cancer Prevention

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    We got a new puppy after Christmas. It’s the first dog for our family – and my first ever – so the last six weeks have been a steep learning curve. Like a diligent student I had done my reading and thought I knew what we were letting ourselves in for – but of course the reality has been somewhat more demanding.

    What does our new puppy have to do with Cancer Prevention Month?

    In all my reading I had not paid any attention to his exercise needs, thinking that would be delegated to my teenage daughter. But surprisingly, the favorite part of my day now is when my daughter and I walk our puppy every evening. Read more… “Puppies and Cancer Prevention”


      Five Things to Look for at our 25th Research Conference

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      AICR’S 25TH research conference starts on Monday, and we are in the midst of final preparations. I am looking forward to welcoming everyone at our opening session. We have a packed program across three days, with a wealth of information.

      Here are some highlights you don’t want to miss, whether joining the conference virtually or in person.

      1. Presentations from experts in their field. The topics cover a wide range, from the microbiome to exercise during cancer treatment. We’ll be sending out highlights on our blog so – if you haven’t already – sign up for this blog to get the news. Read more… “Five Things to Look for at our 25th Research Conference”