Marvelous Mushrooms

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From button and cremini to Chinese “cloud ears” and portabellos, mushrooms  come in all shapes and flavors. They are used often as a meat substitute when cooked because of thFD002153_47eir sFD002152_47atisfying taste and texture — as in grilled portabello sandwiches that stand in for burgers on many restaurant menus. But they’re easy to prepare and enjoy at home: This week’s AICR Health-e-Recipe pairs warm, savory mushrooms with dark greens, garlic and shallot — all found to have high amounts of phytochemicals and fiber for cancer prevention. Mushrooms themselves are being studied for potential cancer-fighting compounds. Fit them into your meals with whole grains like barley or in a delicious crostini appetizer for guests this holiday season.


    Bountiful Beans

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    Today’s AICR Health-e-Recipe helps you fill up, not fill out.

    Three-Bean Chili uses beans to satisfy your appetite while adding cancer-fighting folate (a B vitamin), fiber and plant-based protein to your meal. Kids love ’em, they come in many colors and they’re used in almost every kind of cuisine . Beans dry mixed

    And they’re cheap! Soak your own dried beans or empty a can into a colander, rinse and drain them. Then toss them into hot dishes, cold salads, or blend them with some salsa for a delicious, healthy dip.

    Check AICR’s Test Kitchen for more bean recipes, or order our free brochure, Beans and Whole Grains: The New American Plate, for lots more info and recipes.

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      This Week’s AICR Health-e-Recipe: Healthy Pesto Possibilities

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      bigstockphoto_olive oil_2330122If you love pesto sauce but can’t find pine (pignoli) nuts, relax. Today’s Health-e-Recipe for Pesto Toastini from AICR uses blanched almonds for the nuts – one of severalGetty almonds FD002107_47 substitutions that still gives you a great-tasting pesto. (Walnuts are another great swap for pine nuts).

      Baby spinach and parsley add variety and phytochemicals to green basil. And in olive oil, scientists continue to find healthy compounds – not only polyphenols and carotenoids, but also oleocanthal, which has anti-inflammatory benefits, according to the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.

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