Health-e-Recipe Champion: Brussels Sprouts Beat Brownies

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We all know Brussels sprouts are healthy. They’re an excellent source of vitamin A, C, K, fiber and folate. As a cruciferous vegetable, they’re rich in carotenoids and glucosinolates, phytochemicals that both show an ability to reduce inflammation, neutralize carcinogens and control abnormal cell growth in lab studies.

Brussles and Brownies
Brussels sprouts are always humble champions.

But no one ever said they were better than brownies…until now. After 4 weeks, 16 recipes and over 1300 votes, the most controversial vegetable has been declared the winner of AICR’s Recipe Contest. Competing against colorful salads, spicy soups, classic comfort foods and even our famous brownies, it definitely earned its spot as our 500th Health-e-Recipe.

So take the challenge, and try out the winning recipe for yourself. Head over to our Facebook page to tell us what you think and you could win a New American Plate cookbook, filled with tasty, healthy recipes to try. Read more… “Health-e-Recipe Champion: Brussels Sprouts Beat Brownies”


    Walking for Cancer Prevention with TeamAICR

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    Physical activity is a major part of AICR’s message for cancer prevention: Being physically active reduces risk for colorectal, post-menopausal breast and endometrial cancer.

    But we don’t just talk the talk. Every year our staff laces up their shoes and puts on a TeamAICR jersey for the St. Patrick’s Day 8k in downtown Washington, D.C.

    We may not be the fastest group, or even the most coordinated, but when you put our staff in matching shirts and throw us in to a themed race we’re more than a little enthusiastic.

    Whole Team 2013

    Runners and walkers of all different levels met up early Sunday morning. We had a great turnout, including first-time racers, former cross-country champs and some very chilly cheerers who braved the cold to root us on.

    DanHeather2013This diverse group has one thing in common — a passionate support for cancer prevention research and awareness. This year we raised nearly $1,000 for cancer research! Learn more about the runners and cheerers at our staff 8k page or leave a note of encouragement in the comments (some of us are a bit sore).

    So if you’re ready for the challenge, or just want to look this stylish:










    visit the TeamAICR page for a list of marathons and fun runs. You can also email with questions or for tips on holding you own event.

    Happy running!


      Fun, Festive Fitness

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      It’s 9am on Sunday and I’m wearing 3 different primary colors…on purpose.

      The first mile is hard—it’s cold and the 20 “Kiss me, I’m Irish” stickers I thought would be a good idea are starting to itch. Not a strong start.

      Around mile 3 I’m passed by a leprechaun chasing his pot of gold. Mile 4 is one of my fastest, and I pass no fewer than six green tutu-clad teammates.

      Yesterday marked the 24th Annual St. Patrick’s Day 8K—a Washington, DC tradition of dressing up with friends and family and running, walking, skipping through a scenic, downtown 5-mile loop. Team AICR, never ones to miss an opportunity to get dressed up, is here in full force and green garb.

      Read more… “Fun, Festive Fitness”