Green Goddess Buddha Bowl

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Buddha bowls—light, healthy meals comprised of a whole grain, lots of vegetables, a healthful protein source, and a flavorful sauce—are all the rage.

This recipe is excellent for meal prep by preparing 4 individual servings in sealed containers and refrigerating it to be enjoyed during the week. You can also serve this recipe in one large dish by following instructions and arranging all ingredients in one large salad bowl instead of 4 individual serving bowls. Watch the video for a step-by-step tutorial to creating your own healthy Buddha bowl!

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    Making Vegetarian Cauliflower ‘Osso Bucco’

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    Cauliflower steaks are a great culinary alternative to various animal-based proteins. If you follow a plant-based diet, think about using them in place of beef, veal or other animal proteins.  For example, cauliflower can boost your vegetable intake by replacing meat in many stews and other casseroles, such as my Cauliflower Cashew Carrot Curry.

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      Why We Need Tailored Tobacco-Control Strategies

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      Cigarette smoking is linked to 18 different types of cancer. It is the leading preventable cause of cancer in the United States, accounting for 19 percent of the 1,570,978 cancers diagnosed in U.S. adults ages 30 and older in 2014, according to the latest research. Another 0.4 percent of the cancer diagnoses in the U.S. that year were attributable to exposure to secondhand smoke.

      That’s why April, which is National Cancer Control Month, is a good time to raise awareness of the dangers of cigarette smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke. And it’s especially important to highlight the need for new efforts to reduce cigarette smoking, particularly among the segments of the U.S. population that have elevated smoking rates.

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