Lycopene lowering prostate cancer risk – ways to eat your lycopene

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A new study presented today at AICR’s 25th Research Conference suggests that lycopene-containing foods may lower prostate cancer risk. That would be good news for cancer risk, but also because these foods provide an abundance of nutrients, like vitamins C, A and other phytochemicals.

Americans get lycopene mostly from tomatoes and tomato products like sauce, juice and pizza. But try other delicious choices like red and pink grapefruit, red carrots, papaya, guava and watermelon.


Although evidence isn’t strong enough overall to say foods with lycopene lower prostate cancer risk, AICR is working to tease apart how food and other lifestyle factors affect different types of this cancer. In the meantime, eating more of these foods contributes to an overall cancer-protective diet.

Read more about the full study on foods containing lycopene and lower prostate cancer.


    AICR Conference: A Flaxseed Favorite

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    Next week at our conference, researchers will be talking about diet and the microbiome, portion control and other ways food and nutrition are related to cancer prevention.  So we help our attendees live the message of healthy eating with delicious and carefully planned meals and snacks.

    Researchers and dietitians tell us they look forward to AICR conference food! This year we’re serving Roasted Root Vegetable & Quinoa Pilaf, Black-Eyed Pea Salad and Avocado Toast with Blood Orange and Arugula among many other creative dishes. The menus follow AICR’s New American Plate which is based on AICR’s Recommendations for Cancer Prevention.

    We’re also serving a breakfast favorite you can enjoy even at home – our hearty and flavorful Flaxseed Raisin Muffins. Read more… “AICR Conference: A Flaxseed Favorite”


      Study: Now is the Lowest Weight You’ll Be All Year

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      As we head toward the holidays, you’ll be hearing advice on how to avoid packing on the pounds – and then how to lose it. And it’s a good idea to pay attention, because a new study highlights that Americans really do gain weight over the holidays.

      That’s not good for cancer risk, because too much body fat links to increased risk for 11 cancers, including colorectal and postmenopausal breast.

      The recent study, published in a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine, also sheds light on just how long losing the weight gain may take.

      Using data from almost 1,800 adults weighing themselves on electronic wireless scales over a year’s time, researchers found that Americans begin gaining weight in early November and continue until early January. It takes until mid-October to get back to their lowest weight. Not unique to the US, people in Germany and Japan experience similar trends during their popular holidays.

      In the US, the Christmas holiday period led to the most significant chunk of weight gain by far and then Thanksgiving. Read more… “Study: Now is the Lowest Weight You’ll Be All Year”