6 Healthy gift ideas for kids

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Last week we highlighted 10 Unique Gifts for Good Health to help your loved ones find creative ways to move more and eat smart — which will help them lower their risk for cancer. Most ideas were for adults, but the holidays are a lot about kids. And developing healthy habits during childhood can help kids stay lean as adults, which will reduce their risk of adult cancers.

Here, we asked the experts and health enthusiasts for gift ideas that will have kids excited, engaged, AND help their health:

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  1. The Gift of Music. Dancing is a great way to be physically active for cancer prevention. Artists like the Singing Lizard are making tunes that both kids and adults can enjoy. So, get the music going, put on your dancing shoes and get the party started.



2. Garden Kits. Encourage healthy eating habits pizza garden by having kids grow their own vegetables and fruits. Growums garden kits are specially designed for kids with easy to follow instructions and a website full of interactive games. With kits like “Stir-Fry Garden” and “Pizza Garden” kids are sure to dig these gifts.


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3. Cooking and Food Fun for a Year. A magazine subscription or a kid-friendly cookbook is a great way to keep your child interested in cooking and food past the holiday season. ChopChop is a popular kids magazine available in English and Spanish – with fun and healthy recipes and activities. Pretend Soup by Mollie Katzen is a great cookbook with simple recipes and illustrations for directions. Perfect for pre-schoolers.




Conversation_Starters_Crunch_a_Color_cards_1024x10244. Liven Up Family Meals. Answer this: If you were to design a tree house, how would it look? Family meals are associated with many benefits including healthier eating habits. These conversation starters are a fun way to inspire discussions at the table. These could also be great for non-screen time during car trips.




20991073_s5. Get Kids Cooking. Involving kids in meal prep can help encourage healthy eating for cancer prevention. Kidstir cooking kits come with recipes and kitchen tools. They help kids build their own cookbooks, try new foods, and find out where their foods come from. Try out a single kit or subscribe for monthly deliveries and get cooking. For more ideas on how to get kids cooking check out this article.
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6. Meet the Super Crew. Healthy eating is important for cancer prevention and each member of the Super Crew has super powers based on the healthy foods that he or she enjoys best. Introduce the crew with books packed with fun learning activities that help teach nutrition concepts throughout the story.




Thanks to Angela Hummel, MS, RD, CSO, LDN , Melissa Halas-Liang, MA, RD, Alice Bender, MS, RDN, Samantha Tryon, RD,  and AICR staff for contributing.



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