This Year, Let AICR Help You Through Your “Holiday Hangups”

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This time of year brings family and friends together for celebrations of many kinds. But no matter which holiday you’re celebrating, AICR can help you keep it healthy.

We get asked a lot of questions about how to handle “Holiday Hangupsbigstock-Candy-party-celebration-seaml-45691690” — those issues unique to this time of year that complicate your efforts to eat healthy, get your 30 minutes of activity in, and stay a healthy weight.

Now through January 1st, we’ll be featuring tips on a host of Holiday Hangups every day. Check out our Facebook page and Twitter feed for answers to questions about:

  • How to prepare healthy and delicious holiday dishes
  • How to manage this busy time of year and still find time to exercise
  • Techniques for managing holiday parties that feature lots of alcohol and rich foods
  • How to cook for a vegetarian or vegan guest
  • How to avoid stress — and “stress-eating”
  • How to satisfy your kid’s sweet tooth in healthy ways
  • How to cook the unusual vegetables and grains that find their way to the holiday table
  • And lots, lots more

You may even find yourself using our research, and the evidence-based Recommendations for Cancer Prevention that grow from it, to win this year’s inevitable argument with your cousin, the self-appointed health guru. (There’s one in every family.)

This Thursday, November 21, from 12 to 1pm ET (9-10am PT), author Sharon Palmer, RD, will co-host a tweet-chat with us on Strategies for Cancer-Protective and Stress-Free Holidays. Sharon is author of The Plant-Powered Diet, she edits the health newsletter, Environmental Nutrition, and her many nutrition, cuisine and health articles are featured in a wide range of popular publications.

Mark your calendar, then join us to discuss the ways you keep health in the holidays – use #aicrchat. If you’re a health professional, it’s a chance to share and learn new strategies to help your patients overcome common hangups.

In the meantime, what are some of your own holiday hangups, and what do you do to avoid them?


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