A Dandy Tandoori

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Spices and herbs used in indian cookingIf you have a craving for Indian flavors, bring it home with our Health-e-Recipe for Tandoori Chicken Skewers with Mint Raita.

This easy dish is a perfect example of how seasoning can satisfy while keeping calories low for a healthy weight —a key to preventing many types of cancer.

Our recipe can make appetizers for 6 to 12 people or an entrée that serves 4. Just mix up our low-fat coconut curry sauce, featuring garlic’s potent cancer-preventive phytochemicals as well as curry powder’s tumeric, a spice that reduces inflammation, according to studies.

Raita is a cooling sauce that sometimes features cucumber, which you can add if desired. Our version blends piquant red onion, mint and lime juice with coconut milk and yogurt. It’s an ideal complement for the chicken.

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