Pair Chicken with Pears

chicken-and-pear-saladChopped fruit makes a salad tastier and higher in cancer-fighting phytochemicals. Our Health-e-Recipe for Chicken and Pear Salad is a great example.

Pears are one of the most delicious autumn fruits. Their juicy texture and sweet taste are a natural complement for chicken. A few kinds of pears include: Anjou, with a yellow-green skin and slightly bitter edge; Asian, which looks and tastes like an apple; Bartlett, round, bumpy and quick to ripen; and Bosc, red and slim with a firmer texture.

Spicy red onion and cool cucumber provide a crunchy contrast in this salad. Toss these healthy ingredients together with a honey-lemon dressing that has a hint of mint and cinnamon.

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2 thoughts on “Pair Chicken with Pears

  1. I love this site ! Great ideas for making healthier meals. We all need to be more creative with fruits, veggies & whole grains.

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