Try Sesame-Herbed Chicken

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zaatar-chicken croppedCreate an interesting new spice blend using our Health-e-Recipe for Za’atar Chicken. The mixture of sesame, lemon, herbs and oil in this recipe is replete with cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

Za’atar fits perfectly within the Mediterranean style of eating for good health and lower cancer risk. Sesame seeds are toasted, yielding a marvelous fragrance and flavor, then mixed with oregano, thyme and sea salt. Lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil moisten this dry combo just enough to make it a kind of paste, perfect for coating chicken, fish or vegetables before cooking.

The bed of sliced onions on which the chicken cooks contributes not only more delicious flavor but also powerful cancer-fighting compounds. As simple as this dish is, you can use the onions and juices from the cooked dish in different ways: to sauce up healthy accompaniments like brown rice and steamed vegetables; to add savory depth to a soup; or to give more body and texture to a jarred tomato sauce for pasta. By itself, the spice mixture tastes great baked onto oiled whole-wheat pita bread wedges or stirred into plain hummus for a healthy dip.

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