Make Berries Elegant

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To get in the mood for July 4th, use our simple Health-e-Recipe for Berry Parfait with Lemon Curd Dip. Combining red raspberries, strawberries and blueberries with Greek yogurt in a parfait dish gives you red, white and blue. Topping it off with luscious Lemon Curd Dip makes this healthy dessert a heavenly treat.

lemon-curd croppedBerries are full of anthocyanins and other powerful phytochemicals that may help protect us against cancer. Each kind of berry has a different set of phytochemicals, plus vitamins like C in strawberries. Berries also have plenty of fiber and few calories. If you prefer frozen berries, be sure to choose unsweetened ones.

This dish has 18 grams of protein per serving, an unusually high amount for a dessert, thanks to the Greek yogurt. A little protein comes from the egg yolks, which also contain some vitamin D and selenium. Among six servings, you only get half a yolk per person. This recipe proves that using egg yolks and butter sparingly can yield only 3 grams of saturated fat and 6 grams of total fat per serving. That won’t overwhelm your arteries and it will give you fabulous taste.

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