Savory Salmon Kebabs for Dad

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salmon-kebab croppedMake Dad a dish that’s hearty and heart-healthy for Father’s Day using firm-fleshed salmon, a top source of healthy omega-3 fats: our Health-e-Recipe for Salmon and Vegetable Oven Kebabs.

Deliciously paired with chunks of tomatoes, mushrooms, green pepper and yellow squash on skewers, these kebabs are both colorful and cancer-preventive. First, whip up the easy Mediterranean-style marinade of lemon juice, garlic and olive oil with a dash of Italian seasoning and freshly ground pepper. Coat the fish and veggies in it and marinate in the refrigerator, covered, for 30 minutes.

Thread the food onto skewers, discard the marinade and broil in the oven just 5-8 minutes. This quick cooking method keeps the kitchen from getting too hot and results in delectably browned, tasty morsels of fish and vegetables. It’ll be a healthy hit that can satisfy Dad and the rest of your family with a traditional Mediterranean fisherman’s dish. Serve it with a tossed mixed salad with vinaigrette dressing and brown rice pilaf or crusty whole-wheat bread.

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