For Mom: Sweet, Light and Low-Calorie Kisses

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baci-di-dama copyAs sweet and light as the month of May, our Health-e-Recipe for Hazelnut Meringue Kisses is a delightful way to surprise Mom for Mother’s Day while keeping calories low.

Meringues are a magical creation from egg whites beaten stiff until they hold stiff peaks, then sweetened with a little sugar, flavored with a pinch of salt and baked. This recipe adds succulent hazelnuts, which – like all nuts – have healthy, mostly monounsaturated fat, vitamins A and E and fiber that helps to reduce cancer risk. Since they are high in calories (180 calories for about 21 hazelnuts), chopping them into a fine texture is a good way to make a little go a long way.

As they bake, these Kisses emit a fabulous fragrance. Your mama will be proud!

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