A Whole Lot of Veggies Going On

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small ten-vegetable-soupIt’s National Garden Month and what better way to celebrate than trying our Health-e-Recipe for Ten Vegetable Soup. Chunky and filled with satisfying fiber, this soup brings you a wealth of cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

At 70 calories a serving, you can savor this tasty combination of cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, potato, onion, leeks, celery, tomatoes and Swiss chard. Parsley and thyme also offer health-boosting compounds, as does red pepper. In fact, every ingredient has cancer protection to offer.

Eaten together, the different set of phytochemicals in each kind of vegetable reinforces the health benefits of the other veggies. That’s why AICR recommends eating a wide variety of plant foods — including vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans — for the majority of your diet (2/3 or more of your plate at each meal, or bowl in this case) to get important phytochemicals plus vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Add a piece of whole-wheat bread or some brown rice to your plate, plus some low-fat healthy protein (maybe Greek yogurt and fresh fruit for dessert?) and you have a complete and very healthy meal.

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