Easy, Cheap and Delicious

spanish omeletGood for breakfast, lunch or dinner, our Health-e-Recipe for an aromatic Herbed Spanish Omelet puts Spanish flair on your table.

White potatoes have an unfavorable reputation as a starchy vegetable. But they can be part of a healthy diet when you eat them in moderation and when they’re not highly processed with lots of added fat and salt (like French fries or chips). A medium-sized potato provides good amounts of potassium, folate and some vitamin C with only 130 calories.

You’ll get cancer-preventive phytochemicals called organosulfides from this dish’s garlic, onion and chives, plus more phytos from the parsley and basil. Serve it up with a salad of baby greens tossed with vinaigrette, plus a slice of whole-wheat toast, and you have an inexpensive springtime meal that fits right in with National Public Health Week.

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