Cancer-Fightin’ Irish Stew

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american-irish-stew 2Meat and potatoes can fit into a cancer-preventive diet, as our Health-e-Recipe for American Irish Stew attests. The secret is in the healthy ingredients we’ve added to yield AICR’s New American Plate proportions of 1/3 lean animal protein to 2/3 plant foods (vegetables, in this case).

By keeping the portions of lean stew meat on the lighter side, there’s more room for the cancer-preventive garlic, onions, carrots, parsnips and leeks. And although white potatoes are over-consumed in this country, usually as French fries, adding some unprocessed potatoes to this dish is a healthy way to honor the Irish cooking tradition that inspired it. Parsley and rosemary infuse this hearty stew with even more phytochemicals and an appropriate touch of green.

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