For Your Valentine: Low Calorie AND Chocolate!

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BreadPudding_111 KBIf you crave chocolate on Valentine’s Day, try our Health-e-Recipe for Cherry Chocolate Bread Pudding.  It’s a delectable way to add whole grains and Valentine-red cherries to your meal while savoring chocolate flavor.

For only 176 calories per serving, this bread pudding is substantial, thanks to the 3 grams of fiber from the whole-wheat bread and fruit. Just a little brown sugar sweetens the unsweetened coconut milk and cocoa powder. The cherries and dark chocolate chips top off this luscious dessert not only with taste, but also with phytochemicals that help to protect against cancer.

Cherries and dark chocolate contain flavonoids, a class of compounds that act as antioxidants that protect our cells. Since even dark chocolate contains a lot of calories and fat, this recipe is a great way to use just a little while still getting a lot of chocolate flavor.

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