A Super Bowl of Soup

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TomatoSoup_141 KBWhile the Ravens and 49ers battle it out on Super Bowl Sunday, fill up on our Health-e-Recipe for Super Bowl Tomato Soup.

Eating a healthful soup before eating an entrée was found by researchers to curb the appetites of study subject so they didn’t consume so many calories in the rest of the meal. What’s more, our tomato soup is filled with vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps to keep your cells healthy and protect against cancer and the chills of winter.

Tomatoes’ red color comes from the cancer-fighting phytochemical lycopene; tomatoes also contain beta-carotene and lutein, plus potassium and 1.5 grams of fiber. This soup adds even more potent phytochemicals from the onions’ and scallions’ allium compounds and from the fragrant basil.

Make a big pot of it for your friends or family and stay well while the teams duke it out on the field.

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    Author: Cathy Wolz

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