An Easy, Healthy Pasta Dish

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WhiteBeanPasta 153 KBWhen you want a quick, delicious meal that’s loaded with cancer-fighting fiber, try our Health-e-Recipe for White Bean Pasta. All you need is a whole-wheat version of your favorite kind of small pasta and a can of cannellini (white) beans, plus onion, some green herbs and Parmesan cheese. If you toss in a few halved cherry tomatoes (or diced red bell pepper), you have a dish that pleases the eye as well as the tastebuds. Feel free to get creative and add more veggies: shred some carrots, slice some mushrooms or chop some spinach. All will mix well with this basic dish.

Fiber-rich plant foods — vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans — are found in studies to fill us up so we are satisfied with less food. So not only do we get essential cancer-preventive compounds from these healthy foods, they also make it easier to keep calories and weight under control — another key to preventing cancer. AICR points out that 320 cases of cancer could be prevented each day if Americans maintained a healthy weight.

You can find more healthy recipes by visiting the AICR Test Kitchen; we also have tips for weight management. Click here to subscribe to our weekly Health-e-Recipes.


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