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To celebrate National Fiber Focus Month, we have a terrific easy recipe: Baked Apple Sauce. With four grams of fiber in just 1/2 cup, this low-calorie and delicious homemade mix can accompany breakfast, lunch or dinner for a boost of cancer-fighting fiber.Applesauce_small

You’ll warm up any chilly winter day by heaping at least three kinds of cored apples into a heavy, wide baking dish and cooking them for just over an hour. Add a jot of cinnamon and a little honey, stir and you have a succulent sauce. Try it with other fiber-rich foods like whole-grain pancakes or oatmeal or cooked butternut squash. Applesauce always tastes great with poultry or a lean pork chop, too. By itself, it’s a tasty dessert or snack.

Eating plenty of dietary fiber – 35 grams per day is recommended for adults – is known by researchers to lower risk for colorectal cancer. And apples contain quercetin and other protective phytochemicals. So dig into this Health-e-Recipe and enjoy.

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