Naturally Sweet Hannukah Latkes

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As part of your Hannukah celebration next week, why not make our version of potato pancakes: delicious, healthy Sweet Potato and Pear Latkes.

Your family will get nutrition benefits from these low-calorie treats, sweetened naturally with pears, which add cancer-fighting fiber to that of the whole-wheat breadcrumbs, onions and sweet potatoes to total 5 grams in each serving. Garnishing your latkes with unsweetened applesauce, dried cranberries and sour cream keeps them low-calorie and light.

Beta-carotene — a powerful antioxidant phytochemical that protects against cancer — is usually found in orange vegetables, but is present in green broccoli, too. It makes sweet potatoes a more nutritious choice than white potatoes.

This recipe uses 4 egg whites instead of whole eggs in the latkes, as well as monounsaturated canola oil cooking spray so the saturated fat is kept to zero.

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