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Want something different than turkey? To make sure you fully enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, we offer you something completely different in our Health-e-Recipe for Salmon and Potato Coriander Fish Cakes.

Wild salmon’s beneficial omega-3 fatty acids make it an ideal choice as one of the three weekly servings of fish health experts recommend for good health. (Farmed salmon are often fed unhealthy diets that contain toxins, so wild is the best choice.) Canned wild salmon is relatively inexpensive and these cakes are a welcome alternative to tossing canned salmon into salads.

Coriander is a slightly lime-flavored spice used in Indian cuisine. It blends beautifully with the salmon, onion and potatoes. Spiced with a little red pepper (another ingredient that contains anti-cancer phytochemicals) our salmon cakes are simply delicious.

A green vegetable or coleslaw dressed with oil and vinegar are excellent accompaniments and keep your meal light while adding cancer-preventive vegetables. All the better to set a healthy appetite level and portion perspective for encountering the Thanksgiving feast in two days.

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