Soothing Ginger Ade

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Our newest Health-e-Recipe for Ginger-Ade aids your health by protecting against cancer whether you enjoy it hot or cold.

Fresh ginger, a popular ingredient in Asian foods, contains several phytochemicals that scientists have found to reduce inflammation and possibly help protect against cancer: citronello, geraniol, gingerol, paradol and zingerone.  Fresh ginger has a spicy and refreshing taste that can be made into tea to calm an upset stomach, as folk remedies claim.

Our recipe adds lemon, anise and cinnamon – three more pungent, healthy flavors to delight your senses and clear your sinuses. You can sweeten it to taste with maple or agave syrup, honey or a little sugar; or use a calorie-free sweetener, like stevia.

Make extra Ginger-Ade to sip as a pick-me-up or hot toddy before bed. It’s got a lot of holiday potential, so go ahead and make enough to share with friends – along with our Health-e-Recipe.

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