The Research Conference That Almost Was

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It was with heavy hearts that we made the decision to cancel this year’s AICR Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer. The lingering effect of Hurricane Sandy on air travel and communications across the East Coast left us no choice.

We feel a particularly poignant sense of loss, as this year represents an important milestone for AICR. In 2012, we mark 30 years of supporting innovative cancer research and delivering to the public the evidence-based message that many cancers can be prevented. We would have greatly enjoyed observing this achievement with the researchers, health professionals, policy makers and journalists who have been with us from the beginning — as well as welcoming many new colleagues who are making their own contributions to the field.

Our research conference is a yearly highlight for the entire AICR staff. We are tremendously proud to bring together the world’s leading figures in the study of diet, physical activity and cancer risk, and we delight in offering them a chance to share their findings and discuss bold new research directions.

We are proud of the work this year’s Program Committee, led by Dr. John Erdman, has done to craft an agenda that struck a perfect balance between highlighting bold new research and offering practical, state-of-the-science overviews for health professionals.

But even though we won’t be gathering in Washington, DC this year, AICR continues to fund the cutting-edge science that is opening new horizons of discovery, and translating those findings into advice you can trust.

Research is in our name, it is in our mission, and it is in our hearts. Let this year’s unfortunate turn of events serve as a reminder that research will remain our focus, come hell or — in this case — high water.


    Author: Glen

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    4 thoughts on “The Research Conference That Almost Was”

    1. Conner —

      Thanks so much for you kind words.

      Alas, it has proven logistically impossible to reschedule for Spring 2013. For information about refunds, or carrying over your registration to next year’s conference — please email

      We do hope to see you next year — our 2013 Annual Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer is officially scheduled for November 7th and 8th.

      Thanks for understanding!

    2. I am so sorry you had to cancel your conference; having attended the WCRF conference in London 3 years ago, I know what intense preparations these sorts of events require.
      Are you planning to reschedule the conference for spring 2013, as originally suggested? If so, I’ll be there!
      Many thanks for your wonderful work, and hope to see you soon!

    3. I am so sorry that all of yur preparations for this conference had to be canceled at the last minute. As the Program Chair of a new 501c3 nonprofit cancer support center here in Boise, ID I can only say that I look forward to attending your next conference. We plan to make nutrition education a focal point of The Cancer Connection Idaho’s programming. We hear over and over again from all sectors of the community, including traditional medicine and cancer treatment professionals that this is so desperately needed. As someone who has been fundraising for AICR in my community for years, I thank you for all of the work you do.

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