Make Broccoli Irresistible

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This week’s Health-e-Recipe for Broccoli with Peanut Sauce takes a tip from Thai cuisine. Peanut dressing is a healthy substitute for the usual cheese sauce or butter that many consider a must-have for broccoli. But those dairy topping are high in saturated fat and calories.

Instead, our peanut dressing gives you a fabulous-tasting topping for this cool salad, which includes red onion and red bell pepper’s cancer-fighting phytochemicals to broccoli’s potent compounds.

Peanuts themselves contain resveratrol — the same phytochemical touted in red grapes. They also provide some protein, like all nuts. A healthy diet can benefit from nuts, which are high in healthy fat that still has lots of calories. So eat them in moderation for their benefits, which include vitamins, fiber and appetite-quelling satisfaction.

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