Tasty Apple Pancakes

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This week’s Health-e-Recipe for Apple Strudel Pancakes gives you a festive healthy weekend dish that you, your family and your friends will love.

Buckwheat flour is milled from a whole grain and contains more cancer-fighting fiber than enriched white flour does. Its hearty texture and nutty taste make it ideal for pancakes. Our recipe adds walnuts, which provide omega-3 fats and are being studied for their potential cancer-fighting properties. Apples, full of flavonoid phytochemicals, also contribute cancer protection.

If you have buttermilk left over, it can also be used to make a creamy low-fat salad dressing. Despite its name, buttermilk is closer to yogurt than butter. If you have any leftover pancakes, just wrap them tightly in plastic wrap and freeze them to enjoy on another morning.

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