Try Red Lentils

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You can do more with lentils than make soup, and this week’s Health-e-Recipe for Red Lentil Dal is a delicious example of how.

Lentils pack plenty of cancer-fighting fiber: 20 grams per 1 cup (which equals 2/3 of the daily recommended amount). They also provide a hefty 18 grams of protein per cup, plus 37% of daily iron and lots of cancer-fighting folic acid.

In western countries, we usually make lentils into soup. In Indian cuisine, lentils are also made into flour and “dal,” a popular side dish.

Our tasty Red Lentil Dal goes beautifully with brown rice plus mixed sautéed or steamed vegetables as a light summer meal. It also makes a nifty party dip, served with toasted whole-grain pita bread wedges.

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