Grill Healthy Shrimp Fajitas

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Serve up a summery treat with this week’s Health-e-Recipe for Shrimp Fajitas. Our recipe uses plenty of cancer-fighting garlic with lemon juice and red pepper flakes for a marinade. Then we skewer plenty of delicious veggies along with shrimp to grill over flames — or in the oven, if you aren’t in barbecue mode.

Grilling meats that drip fat and char can create cancer-causing substances, but grilling vegetables and low-fat items like shrimp doesn’t create any health worries. And peppers and onions add fiber and cancer-fighting phytochemicals to this simple, low-calorie dish.

Whole-grain yellow corn tortillas are tasty, but you can substitute whole-wheat tortillas if desired. Also, if you don’t happen to have access to a grill, use metal skewers and place the food on a large baking sheet sprayed lightly with olive oil spray; preheat the broiler and broil for 2 minutes on each side. A salad of mixed greens and veggies on the side goes beautifully with this entree and adds even more cancer protection.

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