Sink Your Teeth Into Cancer-Fighting Mushrooms

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Combine cool and warm, light and hearty in this week’s Health-e-Recipe for Stir-Fry Portobello Salad. Portabello mushrooms’ luscious taste is brought out by the Asian flavors of the simple stir-fry and dressing.

Mushrooms’ chewy texture makes them a satisfying substitute for meat. Cutting back on red meat (to no more than 18 oz. cooked per week) for lower colon cancer risk is easier when you’ve stir-fried rich-tasting portobellos in our garlicky Asian mixture. Plus, you’ll be getting cancer-protective mushroom phytochemicals that meat does not provide.

Using healthful peanut and sesame oils goes with the Asian flavor in the dressing. The crunchy vegetables give you more phytochemicals and contrast with the cooked mushrooms in this colorful salad.

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