Good Health in a Curry

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Warm up with this week’s Health-e-Recipe for Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry with Potatoes. This entree supplies protein from hard-boiled eggs and chickpeas, so it’s a tasty way to trade red meat for eating more vegetables that lower cancer risk.

The cauliflower and cabbage in this recipe give you the same cancer-fighting phytochemicals as broccoli. Red onion and garlic add their own powerful compounds, while chickpeas (like other dry beans) provide fiber and folate, both found in studies to protect against cancer.

Curry powder contains turmeric and ginger, spices that research shows to have anti-inflammatory properties. Blended in a sauce of broth and light coconut milk, these seasonings can be adjusted suit your desired degree of spiciness. We add some green beans, a potato and eggs to make this dish filling and satisfying. Spoon each serving over a  half-cup of brown rice to get even more dietary fiber.

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