A Thank You for Supporting Breast Cancer Research (and Survivor Video)

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All of us at AICR know it can be tough to decide which cancer research organizations to support. The headlines over the last few days may have been unsettling for some — but it’s a reminder that funding cancer research is important, and that public support is central to the collective effort to stop cancer. 

That’s why we want you to know that your donation to AICR funds vital cancer research and the development of tools that help millions of people prevent and survive cancer.

Our research has shown, for example, that 2 in 5 breast cancers could be prevented through healthy everyday choices — that’s 74,000 cases every year, in the US alone.

And more and more, research is showing that breast cancer survivors can also make lifestyle choices to improve their health and reduce the risk of recurrence and/or secondary cancers.

This AICR video shows some simple exercises for breast cancer survivors. Share it with someone you know, and you’ll be passing on the empowering message made clear by AICR’s research:  Small, everyday changes add up.

Exercise for Breast Cancer Survivors from AICR on Vimeo.

Without the support of generous donors, researchers might never have learned that it’s possible to bolster our defenses against breast and other cancers. We wouldn’t be able to spread that important message and help millions of Americans make the small but powerful changes that matter.

We are grateful for your support, and your trust.


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