Catch a Tasty Chicken Dinner

When you want to whip up something easy and cancer-preventive for dinner, try this week’s Health-e-Recipe for Chicken Cacciatore. Its Italian name sounds like what it means in English: “catcher” or hunter.

Using chicken breasts and thighs, you simply brown the poultry and add the vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, just substitute cubes of firm tofu for the chicken. Green pepper, onion, mushrooms and tomatoes each have a different array of cancer-fighting phytochemicals that protect your cells from damage that could lead to cancer development. Putting them all together in one dish reinforces their health benefits and also tastes great.

Serve this dish with whole-wheat pasta, a crusty wedge of whole-wheat bread or brown rice — or even another whole grain, like quinoa or barley. Whole grains will contribute even more health benefits to this entree, including fiber and phytochemicals.

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