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You can turn your same old salad into a bowl of thrills with this week’s Health-e-Recipe for Spicy Green Salad. Jalapeno peppers and agave syrup are the secret ingredients in our impressive dressing, which also uses chicken broth to make the oil go further and give you fewer calories.

If you haven’t heard of agave, it’s the name of a cactus-like plant. Its juice is made into agave syrup, a substance that has a slightly thinner consistency than honey – and it’s sweeter, so you can use less than honey for the same results. Jalapeno and other peppers have a compound called capsaicin that studies suggest may reduce inflammation. And high inflammation levels in the body can lead to cancer.

The combination of greens in this salad provide fiber and some vitamins; the other colorful veggies supply plenty of phytochemicals. Cucumber is not as high in cancer-fighting compounds, but its cool, mild taste provides the perfect contrast with our spicy dressing.

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