Bake Some Quick, Easy Bread

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It name sounds fancy, but focaccia bread is really simple. Our recipe for Herbed Veggie Focaccia Bread gives you the basic dough — which rises to be a little thicker than traditional pizza crust.

AICR’s version includes whole-wheat flour, which supplies more dietary fiber than all-purpose flour. It is then topped cancer-fighting mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, black olives and red onion to make it a pizza-like treat. You can also make it without the topping to accompany a healthy, plant-based meal that features plenty of vegetables. Just knead in the delicious herbs — thyme, basil and oregano — before baking.

Word is that Italian focaccia is named for the indentations traditionally pressed into the top of the dough to create small wells: They are focus points, or “foci.” These wells are ideal for holding toppings.

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