Mushrooms, Hungarian Style

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Called gulyas in Hungary and goulash in the U.S., this warming stew is traditionally made with beef or other red meat. Today’s Health-e-Recipe for Mushroom Goulash substitutes the meat with mushrooms, so that the saturated fat is reduced and the cancer prevention is increased.

How? Eating more than 18 oz. of red meat per week (about 6 portions each the size of a deck of cards) is convincingly linked to increased risk for colon cancer in AICR’s expert report. By substituting hearty mushrooms, found by scientists to contain ergosterol and selenium (which may help prevent cancer when ingested in healthy foods), your goulash can be altogether healthful and delicious.

Tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, onion and green pepper contribute protective compounds to this dish as well. The combination of phytochemicals you get from eating a wide variety of plant-based foods as in this dish offers the most health benefits. An added bonus is the Hungarian paprika, containing the phytochemical capsaicin. Without this mild peppery spice, no goulash would be complete.

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