You Say Banana, I Say Plantain

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Here’s a new treat to try: today’s Health-e-Recipe for Orange-Glazed Plantains. Plantains are served up in many a South American and Caribbean dish. Because they are less sweet and have a heavier texture than the cousin, the banana, plaintains need cooking before eating.

AICR’s recipe is a healthier preparation than the common deep-frying of plantains for chips. With a tart-sweet glaze of orange juice, cinnamon and a little butter, these baked plantain slices are sprinkled with a little fresh cheese (quesa fresca, sold in Spanish markets) — or you can substitute shredded part-skim mozzarella.

Plantains have even more potassium than bananas, plus vitamins A, C (both cancer-fighting  antioxidants) and B6.   Serve them for an exotic yet easy-to-eat snack, side or dessert.

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