(Slow) Cook Your Way to Cancer Prevention

During a recent move, I bequeathed my old slow cooker to my daughter, intending to quickly purchase a new one. One year later, I finally have a new one – and I realize how much I missed the convenience of coming home to a ready-to-eat meal.

Slow cooking is perfect for making meals that meet the New American Plate way of eating. It’s easy to make soup, stews or sauces loaded with vegetables, some whole grain and a little poultry, meat or beans for protein.

Our “New American Plate One-Pot Meals” brochure has a number of recipes that could be adapted to a slow cooker.

Or try the Tuscan Chickpea Soup on our website in the slow cooker. Saute the onions first and then cook everything together for about 5-6 hours (depending on your cooker) and serve with the lemon juice and olive oil.

What are your favorite slow cooker recipes?

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