Make the Most of Rice

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If you’re new to chewy, nutty-tasting brown rice, you’ll love today’s Health-e-Recipe for Herbed Rice with Mushrooms and Wilted Spinach. It’s a great example of how to make the most of rice by adding cancer-fighting vegetables.

Brown rice is the whole-grain form of rice, with more than double the dietary fiber of its white, refined counterpart. It also provides more vitamin B-6, magnesium and selenium, as well as phytochemicals with antioxidant properties that seem to help stave off cancer and heart disease. While traditional brown rice requires about 45 minutes of cooking time, quick-fix brown rice is now available that takes only ten minutes to prepare.

You could also spring for wild rice, another healthful whole grain, which is more expensive because it is harvested by hand in the northern regions of the U.S. where it grows. A mix of wild and brown rice is delicious. (Regular, long- cooking brown rice takes about the same time to prepare so you can cook them together).

Mushrooms and spinach combine with savory herbs and onions in this dish. Mixing vegetables with whole grains into pilafs and other dishes is a delicious way to enjoy the variety of plant-based, cancer-fighting foods. For more delicious recipes using whole grains, you can download AICR’s free brochure, Beans and Whole Grains: The New American Plate. Click here to subscribe to weekly Health-e-Recipes from AICR.


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