Peach Perfection

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Peaches are peaking right now. These sweet, juicy orbs are the perfect summertime dessert or snack.

One medium peach has 2 grams of fiber, only 40 calories, 285 mg of potassium and a fair amount of vitamin A. A treat when sliced into fruit or green salads, peaches are prime for pies, too. But today’s Health-e-Recipe is a way to get the delicious combo of peach with a crunchy, baked whole-grain topping without the calories and fat of pie crust.

Our Peach Crumble with Blueberries adds berries’ succulent flavor along with their cancer-fighting phytochemicals called anthocyanins. You can find more delicious fruit recipes from the AICR Test Kitchen. Click here to subscribe to our weekly Health-e-Recipe.


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