Travel Light for Cancer Prevention

Are you packing your bags for that last trip before Labor Day and flying to your destination?  If so, consider giving a little thought to your food choices en route and your selections can give you the energizing start you want for your final summer fling. Choose cancer-fighting foods but also watch calories to help your efforts to stay at a healthy weight.

Start with breakfast:

Avoid: Cinnamon rolls. While they may smell enticing, the “classic” version has almost 900 calories – at least half of what most women need in a day.  The multi-bun packs have thousands of calories.

Choose: Honey Whole Wheat Bagel with Peanut Butter or Egg.  If it’s huge, eat half and spread the p.b. yourself.  ½ bagel with 1 Tbsp. peanut butter or 1 egg = 250 calories (approx).

Add: 1 cup orange juice and coffee and skim milk.

All this for 500 calories or less – protein, dairy, fruit and a little whole grain, no added sugar.

On the Plane:

Avoid: Sugary beverages – calories and no vitamins, minerals or fiber.

Choose: Club soda with lime; Mix juice half and half with club soda. You’ll get the refreshing sensation of carbonation with none or half the calories.  A good thing since your activity level is pretty low.

Add: If you are really hungry, the ½ oz of peanuts or pretzels may be just the thing, but if you’re not hungry, save them for later.

For less than 200 calories – water, maybe a little 100% juice and small snack.

For Lunch – in the airport or to take along

Avoid: The fast food value meal.  (What did you think I’d say?)

Choose: You may find places that have pre-made salads and sandwiches.  Fortunately most will have food labels.  Look for a lunch of about 500-600 calories that contains some vegetables, a protein source and whole grain (not always possible).

Salads – these should contain actual greens and vegetables.  Limit fried toppings, cheese and salad dressings – 2 Tbsp of dressing should be plenty.

Deli sandwiches – look for vegetarian options or tuna salad so you can avoid the processed meat linked to colon cancer.

Fast food – choose the small burger or the snack wraps.

In all cases choose water, milk or unsweetened tea for the beverage.

In general think New American Plate – 2/3 or more of your plant contains vegetables, fruits or whole grain and 1/3 or less has animal products.

What are your airport healthy eating strategies?

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