Adding Yogurt’s Health Benefits to Your Diet

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Today’s Health-e-Recipe for Yogurt-Marinated Chicken Kabobs borrows a time-honored tip from Middle Eastern and Indian cooking: Use yogurt as a marinade.

Yogurt is a “probiotic” – meaning that it contains live, active cultures of bacteria that benefit our digestive systems. Studies suggest that probiotic foods like fresh yogurt can replenish healthy bacteria in the gut that may be depleted in people who are taking antibiotics. Some early research even indicates that eating yogurt regularly may help prevent colon cancer by keeping colon cells from developing abnormalities.

To find delicious recipes that use yogurt, like Strawberry-Melon Smoothie, Tandoori Spinach and Yogurt-Dill Dressing, visit AICR’s Test Kitchen. Or just substitute plain, low-fat yogurt for some or all of the mayonnaise in dressings, for sour cream on baked potatoes and in dips.

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(photo credit: National Cancer Institute)


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