Make a Little Meat Go a Long, Healthy Way

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If you’re hungry for red meat and concerned about your health, you don’t have to take an all-or-nothing approach.

It’s true that AICR’s expert report on diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer prevention found that red meat is associated with higher colon cancer risk. But it didn’t say red meat should be banned from our diets.

The expert report’s advice is to limit red meat to no more than 18 ounces (cooked) a week. That’s 3 meals each containing 6 ounces of red meat; or 6 meals each having 3 ounces of red meat.

Today’s Health-e-Recipe for Roasted Garlic Steak Sandwiches shows you how to add lots of flavor from a phytochemical-rich garlic marinade to a modest amount of meat, making this healthy portion highly satisfying. It’s also accompanied by healthful spinach and other greens plus a hearty whole-wheat bun. Click here to subscribe to AICR’s Health-e-Recipes.


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