The Cancer-Diabetes Connection

Last week the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society published a consensus paper on the links between diabetes and cancer.  The two diseases share many of the same risk factors: overweight and obesity, lack of physical activity and poor diets.

Here’s the AICR statement welcoming the new consensus report.

We’ve written about this connection often, over the years.  Here’s an in-depth look at the science connecting both diseases, from a recent issue of our AICR Science Now newsletter.

In August, we’ll release our latest AICR In-Depth background paper for health professionals.  This paper will review the science on the cancer-diabetes connection and provide “bottom line” advice for patients and clients. If you’re a health professional or educator, you can receive AICR In-Depth papers, along with lots of other free information and discounts on bulk purchases of AICR materials, by signing up for the AICR HPE eCommunity.

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